Effective immediately, More Bits will be going on hiatus for awhile. Having worked through my initial wish list of guests, I’d rather put the show on pause for a bit than struggle to fill episodes. That said, I definitely haven’t done everything I wanted to do with this show just yet. There will be more in the relatively near future.





morebitssmallI’ve done a bunch of stuff that doesn’t fit the formats of Sarcastic Voyage and The Post Atomic Horror. That stuff is going to go here. Some of it is serious chatting with friends. Some of it may be experimental stuff that I’m messing around with. I can’t promise consistency or regularity. But, you know, I already have two shows that can promise that. So I think I’m allowed.

I’m going to start by retroactively adding a few “bonus” episodes of SV I did a year or so ago. Good chats, but not really what SV is anymore. Further stuff will post when I feel like it. Enjoy!